2021 Dustball GT / Diverted Face-lifts

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September 27, 2019
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2021 Dustball GT / Diverted Face-lifts

Before getting into detail of how these events are changing, please take the time to read about how each Dustball event is different:

Dustball Rally: These are un-timed long-distance challenges that must be solved by each team in order to locate routes and destinations. There are two versions: the shorter DBR:Vegas, and the main event which is a week-long excursion and varies in locations throughout North America.

Dustball GT: The perfect way to spend a weekend, according to Dustball – spanning only two-day’s time (Fri-Sat), these have much lower daily mileages and account for meal, fuel and scenic/cultural stops. These are much more relaxing drives and often dive deeper into regions that Dustball Rally routes previously blazed through.

Dustball Diverted: Multi-surface challenges designed for self-sustaining teams prepared for anything on or off-road – including camping!


Dustball Rally main events have already completed a metamorphosis as a next-gen rally, providing a wealth of challenges and opportunity for a variety of rally teams to work through. These could be called vacations – but for people with an extremely active lifestyle, as they usually travel up to 2500 miles within five days. Because of how the routes are designed, the mileage is barely noticed.

Dustball Grand Tours and Diverted are going through changes for 2021, in an effort to create a more seamless, convenient and common sense driving event to the enthusiasts that seek to adventure with Dustball. See below for the changes made to each event type:

The changes for DGT events are as follows:

1. Lodging is now included with entry fee, removing the need for drivers to call each hotel and arrange booking. Dustball will now provide lodging by secured contract with each venue. The goal is to eliminate issues with hotel cancellations and accountability as well as ease the registration process for drivers.

2. Registration forms are now required for accountability and commitment. There is one form for all Grand Tours of 2021 that has space to select which of the DGTs you would like to attend.

3. Added Dustball staff will be on site to assist in operations with each tour master. Often, tour masters feel slightly out-numbered when hosting a tour for a group that may comprise of predominantly new-to-Dustball drivers. Added staff will assist tour masters with greeting and other operations to insure new-to-Dustball drivers feel welcomed and the event operates smoothly without incident.

4. Dustball Media Staff will now be covering every Dustball GT and create a video from each, for participants to share and watch as a memory of their quick but incredible weekend excursions.

5. In order to incorporate these essential changes, the entry fee for all Dustball GT events is being increased to $995/event. This includes the cost for two persons, lodging, event/tier-specific gifts, fully bound itinerary and route guide, Dustball media, and an incredible weekend that’s going to be better than any of your co-workers’.

*Dustball Grand Tours will maintain the same schedule format: Thursday evening check-in and social; morning safety speech and drive on Friday; followed with another spectacular day of driving and farewell dinner Saturday evening. Changes to these events are to ease the entry process and provide a more immersive Dustball experience.

The changes for Dustball Diverted events are as follows:

1. Dustball Diverted events will now include two nights of camping in separate locations as well as optional camping or lodging at the start/end. This extends the event to three days of driving: Meeting Wednesday evening, departing Thursday for the unknown journey into the wilderness, emerging into civilization Saturday afternoon for a farewell dinner, returning home Sunday.

2. Lodging will no longer be covered by entry. Instead teams will be given information for start/finish locations and preferred hotels with room blocks setup. Campsites and preferred lodging locations are provided within GPS route files.

3. Entry fee is reduced to $279/team with no limit of passengers.

4. Dustball Media Staff will now be covering each each Diverted Rally for a greater visual memory of the event.

5. Additional changes regarding team campsite locations in relation to public gathering spaces will also be defined to teams that are signed up.


These are the biggest changes happening at Dustball Rally. We hope these will help make Dustball more seamless & enjoyable, and we look forward to welcoming you at the next event in person!

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