DBR:Vegas! Recap

25DBR: MSP2CHS / July 13-20, 2025
January 15, 2024

DBR:Vegas! Recap

Things that make you go hmmm

Dustballers descended into El Paso, TX on Wednesday for the DBR:Vegas welcoming. It had been almost exactly one year since I checked out of the previous dimension and showed up here, and boy are things different.

Among the grid included such vehicles as a Mercedes PanzerSchnell, Lamborghini PastaRocket, a Furrari Family Wagon, an American Furrari, a Cadillac Cornvette and regular Cornvette (that sounded like it was broken the faster it went), handful of Porsches (as usual), the biggest fucking Cadillac I’ve seen in my life (again, although I don’t quite recall the first time), and one actual real-life bitchin’ Camaro.

Somewhere along the way, a pair of Private Investigators started weaving in and out of our driving groups. It was a mysterious circumstance as they appeared to be from the movie “Twins,” especially when following them.


There was also a probably-not-street-legal-inconspicuously-colored-arrest-me-red, Cornvette that would occasionally pass everyone. I think they were just showing everyone where the petrol stations were. They did have headsets, however reaching more than reasonable glide speeds the little red Cornvette never attained flight. Better to have it and not need it, I suppose..

This guy

I also noticed the most confused manufacturer ever, seeing what I believe were three corvettes on this rally. One looked regular (above). The second one had Cornvette badges, but looked suspiciously like a Furrari due to its mid-engine and overall stance. So I called it the American Furrari, and have no pictures of it – because it was going Furrari-fast and outran the iPhone media team.
The last one was white with hard edges – looked way more comfortable and quieter than previously mentioned Cornvettes. The comfort was especially noticed with the normalcy of interactions with the driver, compared to the obnoxious rowdiness of the other two.

Quieter, more comfortable Cornvette

There was another highly suspicious-looking vehicle that despite Furrari badging, it was a wagon. I think the badging was stolen from the American Furrari, which means it could’ve quite possibly been a real actual Ferrari because also Fast + Suspicious engine placement. The owner of the wagon is definitely convinced his vehicle is a Furrari, as I noticed his leather loafers rather than the traditional dad-wagon attire.

“Furrari” wagon with an engine in the front

Lastly, when did Lamborghini start making cars without scissor doors? I knew a few things might be off since getting here, but a regular-doored Lamborghini is preposterous! On top of it the owners were kinda nice, not really nice, although it seems they were once before — perhaps they are suffering from interstataphobia relapses due to the short nature of this rally. We’ve just the remedy – one main event coming right up!

Lambo without Lambo doors

Huge thanks to all those that came out one more time for DBR:Vegas! We’ve only done this twice, right?

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