Dustball Rally 1000 - ELP to Vegas

Registration Open

Start: El Paso

Finish: Las Vegas

Dates: April 27 - 30, 2017

Fee: New teams - $1575 per team - request registration:

Email us a picture of your car and driving experience for acceptance and registration.

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 Payment of entry fee is acceptance of Terms and Conditions

(Returning teams only) Click Here - $1475 per team

Expand Your Brand

Sponsors are always needed every year to make Dustball rally events a reality. Thanks to the regular support of our many sponsors, we are able to continue year after year. In return for sponsorships, Dustball Rally provides advertising of sponsoring businesss' in many different forms. The most obvious and noticeable method of advertising we offer is by affixing those businesss' logos to our participant vehicles during the annual Dustball Rally. This show of gratitude for sponsorship is a proven method of advertising, as it is impossible to not notice a fully stickered Dustball Rally vehicle.

Interested in becoming a Dustball/DeansList sponsor?
Watch this 2-minute video: