The 2014 Dustball 2000 "Austin to Chicago" was the best Dustball to date, from the routes and destinations to the teams, staff and sponsors. It was a great event that has definitely given a lifetime of memories.




Starting in Austin, Texas, Dustballers met on Monday night to talk cars, driving and figure out how to fit more cars into a tight space than could fit. Teams each had different performances lined up for their introductions, and sufficiently broke the ice, establishing a great foundation for making for lifelong friends.

The following morning, Dustballers launched from Austin, TX into a carefully designed rally course comprising of winding backroads and landed several hours later in Oklahoma City. Dustballers were treated to a stay at a 4-star hotel nearby the active area of Bricktown, in which all came out to play for the evening.

After a much-need night's rest, ralliers awoke to a large crowd in front of the hotel which stopped traffic while teams were distributed packets for the scenic day's drive into Kansas City, MO. Upon arrival, there was strong storm but no Dustballer was stopped. Once the storm let up, teams to to the streets in the Power and Light District, favoring a watering hole to gather together for a great evening of fun and camaraderie.

Thursday morning, ralliers met in the lobby of the host hotel for their daily packet. It was on this day that featured the most intense driving route which caused several Dsutballers to even become nauseated -- drivers included. Dustballers later found themselves entering St Louis by way of the gateway arch, and staying at yet another four-start hotel in downtown. A secret party was held for Dustballers that evening at The Thaxton Speakeasy, which lead into a long night of moonshine and swing dancing.

A group shot in front of the arch is how day four was kicked off -- as teams were revving to go. First traversing a route along the world-famous River Road, Dustballers encounter another storm but it was short lived. As instructed, some teams veered off the course to avoid heavy traffic entering Chicago, however teams that remained on course did not finish much later than those that took the boring interstates. Teams all arrived safely, and gathered together at The untitled Chicago, in which a private party was held for them in the Whiskey Library. It was first class and top notch -- as the awards for Spirit and Rogers were given away, Dustballers continued to party through the night. 

During the free day in Chicago, teams decided they wanted to be together and utilized social media to remain in contact and arrange group activities for dinner and drinks that night. Afterward, several teams were invited to partake in midnight runs, in which Chicago locals lead teams on a course of Chicago's underground tunnel system. After several hours, everyone turned-in for the evening and said their goodbyes before departing the following morning.

*Pictures coming soon

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