About Dustball Rally

The Dustball Rally originally began as a way for friends to tour the scenic roads of the Southwest while following traditional rally instructions. The first official event was a novice-level TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) rally that hosted 54 teams. Unfortunately only nine teams actually followed the instructions correctly while the rest simply had fun driving the route at their own pace making several stops.

The Teams

The teams' confusion of exactly what TSD was lead to our elimination of it, and instead incorporated an easy to follow gimmick rally, which is essentially a scavenger hunt. This new format covers over 1000 miles in several days, requiring multiple stops for teams to solve clues, or locate gimmicks, to successfully answer test questions or learn directions. The gimmicks would start off easy, and progressively become very difficult by day two. Being the largest multistate gimmick rally in the Nation, we pride ourselves in calling it the most hardcore scavenger hunt you can join.

The Roads

The roads traveled are mostly 2-lane split highways, all paved. No unfinished roads are a part of any route in our events. The roundtrip distance is always near or slightly over the advertised miles, and is covered in several days time, depending on the structure. Routes are along open public highways, and some of the most scenic ones that the Southwest has to offer. The goal of our event is to bring out the spirit of the open road in the participating teams.

Overnight Destinations

The overnight destinations and the routes are always both confidential information. In other words, you have no idea where your journey will take you, nor what route you will take to get there. Each year's pause usually has plenty of tourist-y shops, and often host s an organized celebration so Dustballers have a chance to explore the social side of other teams. You will never meet people like some of the ones you will meet during this event.

Photos and Videos

Every Dustball Rally is documented by photo and video crews every step of the way. After the event is over and the awards are given, a documentary release and slideshow is eventually produced. Private screenings and copies are sold to participants before public screenings are held. Copies of photos are also available to be sold later as well. Our media crews are of the finest that El Paso and Las Cruces has to offer, producing the best in photo and video in the Southwest.


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Expand Your Brand

Sponsors are always needed every year to make Dustball rally events a reality. Thanks to the regular support of our many sponsors, we are able to continue year after year. In return for sponsorships, Dustball Rally provides advertising of sponsoring businesss' in many different forms. The most obvious and noticeable method of advertising we offer is by affixing those businesss' logos to our participant vehicles during the annual Dustball Rally. This show of gratitude for sponsorship is a proven method of advertising, as it is impossible to not notice a fully stickered Dustball Rally vehicle.

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