Spirit Award

 Other than the gimmicks, the basis of the Dustball Rally is founded on spirit. We focus the spirit award determination based on memory the person of which our rally was founded - Mr. Willie Williams. Willie participated in the original Cannonball Run, Alcan 5000, and numerous other rallies nationwide. Having become a rally master, Willie set up numerous rallies for the Sports Car Club of America, Porsche Club of America, and many other clubs.

Life's Experiences

It is in the experiences of his life, trials, and tribulations of the rallies he competed in that we base our spirit judgement upon. With these facts in mind, we define Spirit as the team that best demonstrates an understanding of the past and present history of open road rallying, and comes out of the rally as the most positive and uncontroversial.

Highest Award

Being the highest award, this is the most difficult decision for our staff to make. The teams that seek qualification for the highest and most coveted award will be observed closely and notes on their progress will be taken for further evaluation and consideration. Enormous amounts of spirit must be shown by all teams in the duration of the rally days.

How to Qualify

To qualify for The Spirit of the Dustball (Willie Williams) Award, teams must: successfully complete the prescribed course, not snivel, and demonstrate the most spirit as a team, not as individuals. The winning team of this award is thereby declared the overall champion of The Dustball Rally.


Expand Your Brand

Sponsors are always needed every year to make Dustball rally events a reality. Thanks to the regular support of our many sponsors, we are able to continue year after year. In return for sponsorships, Dustball Rally provides advertising of sponsoring businesss' in many different forms. The most obvious and noticeable method of advertising we offer is by affixing those businesss' logos to our participant vehicles during the annual Dustball Rally. This show of gratitude for sponsorship is a proven method of advertising, as it is impossible to not notice a fully stickered Dustball Rally vehicle.

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