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DUSTBALL Grand Tours - The Texas Edition

Registration Now Open

November 9 - San Antonio (Driver Meeting)

November 10 - Fredericksburg

November 11 - Austin

Intro Before Dustball Rally, Dustball organizers hosted annual single and multi-day tours throughout the southwest. After the birth of Dustball, tours continued for several years and eventually were phased out many years ago.

THIS, is the return of the Dustball Grand Tour - starting with Texas. Several times throughout the year, there will be tours hosted in other scenic regions, not always state specific. Keep an eye out for the next one near you, or come explore some of the most beautiful parts of Texas!

Each entrant is responsible for booking their own hotels for this adventure, in each of the cities listed above. Group activities, tour organization and execution are all planned and carried out by tour staff. Additional details are provided when teams sign up. Hotel booking is at the full discretion of the entrants. Location for driver meeting in San Antonio to be announced, as well as other details to maintain exclusivity. Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address when submitting payment online, so that your name is properly added to the grid for check-in purposes. Sorry, no refunds -- transfers are permitted.

Not included - food, fuel, booze, and hotel accomodations.

  • Fee

    • Fee: S195 per team
    • Request registration via email: dustballrally@gmail.com
    • Payment of entry fee is acceptance of Terms and Conditions

dustball grand tours

THIS, is the Dustball Grand Tour - Oregon Edition! Keep an eye out for the next one near you, or come explore some of the most beautiful parts of Oregon!

Dustball Rally
Dustball Rally

Explore some of the most beautiful roads in Oregon 

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