Dustball GT – New England / Sept 3-5, 2020

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January 11, 2020
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Dustball GT – New England / Sept 3-5, 2020

New England Dustballers are at it again! This Dustball GT will not disappoint as it is planned to end at Historic Festival 38 at Lime Rock Park, CT.

Don’t miss the Dustball GT-New England, being held September 3-5 beginning in beautiful Portland, ME and ending at Lime Rock Park,CT with one overnight stop in Burlington, VT. The tour is being run during the optimal fall season for the most spectacular views possible. A total of three nights are required but not covered by your entry fee. Pre-negotiated room blocks are setup for convenience, when possible. Group stops to take in the culture and visit with one another during this exploration of the history-rich New England.

Watch: What is a Dustball Grand Tour?

Dates: September 3-5, 2020 (Thurs-Sat)

Cost: $195/car – Click Here to secure your slot now (limited to 20 vehicles)

Includes: Fully bound itinerary and route guide for navigator, tiered gift for driver.

Tier 1: 1st Dustball GT

Tier 2: 2nd Dustball GT (and so on)

Contact to enter: dustballrally@gmail.com

In the email, please indicate your Tier level. If you are new, please submit your formal and informal driving experience including DE’s, Track Days, Rallies, Tours, etc. Click this link for information regarding the Historic Festival 38 at Lime Rock Park, CT. Note that tickets to the event, hotels stays, food, fuel and booze are not covered by your entry fee. Complete and comprehensive itinerary, custom route guide and tiered gift are provided. No refunds, contact dustballrally@gmail.com for transfer policy.

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