19DBR: El Paso to Las Vegas / Apr 24-27, 2019

December 4, 2018

19DBR: El Paso to Las Vegas / Apr 24-27, 2019

The gold standard for the ultimate short driver’s rally, the 2019 DBR:VEGAS will not disappoint.  Take the interstate? Hell no! This is Dustball Rally, and we (and our followers) all suffer from a rare condition called interstataphobia in which we can only handle little to none of it. Sure – sometimes it is necessary, but we take vacation and enter events to get away from the daily norm, right?

Watch a teaser video here

Entry fee is $2075 (for one vehicle w/two persons) and covers three nights lodging, vehicle livery, shirts, awards, finish line party and more. $200 discount for returning and veteran teams. Request Registration Forms: dustballrally@gmail.com

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Ready for an adventure unlike any other? EMail us for more information: dustballrally@gmail.com

Dates: April 24-27, 2019

The rally begins in El Paso, TX and travels a secret route to an unknown destination Thursday night, before continuing Friday into Las Vegas, NV for the weekend.

This event is limited to 35 teams (team=one vehicle (any type) w/two persons)


Contact us to enter: dustballrally@gmail.com


History: it makes us into who we become – by sharing tales from the past – so that we make better choices in the future.

Except at Dustball Rally, these are not tales…

A popular demand – and a true story from the Dustball 3000 – have inspired a new “division” of Dustball, if you will.

This new division is OPTIONAL and being run in within the parameters of the upcoming DBR:VEGAS Rally, being held April 24-27, 2019.

Those that choose to specify this type of entry, will be required to follow the following rules:

1. Not Snivel, nor tolerate those that do.

2. Follow the prescribed course without diversion, unless otherwise specified. (diversions including short stints of off-road shortcuts).

3. Not use any electronic navigation, speed detection, or scanners. Full SOP (seat-of-the-pants equipped only, i.e. paper maps) required. Phones for emergencies are ok.

4. FRS with long-range antenna required.

5. Rally vehicle must cost no more than $1000 including purchase price, upgrades, and repairs. (Proof of sale, receipts and safety inspection required) Purchases must be no more than six months, prior to event.

6. On the Saturday following the finish line celebration in Las Vegas, teams in this division may donate their rally vehicles to Make-A-Wish of Southern Nevada. (optional) Organizers have the option to purchase any Dustball Daredevil Rally vehicle (for $1000), at the conclusion of the event.

Those that enter this OPTIONAL division of the DBR:VEGAS Rally, will be dubbed: “Dustball Daredevils”

There will be an award and special benefit for the DBR:Daredevil team that is voted best among all peers within the event as a whole.


  1. Raimond capel says:

    Can I have some more details please. I would like to participate.

    Are you allowed to have the usual spare parts on board?

    Some of my friends in Germany would be interested. Are foreigners allowed.


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