2018 Dustball Grand Tour – TX/LA Nov 15-17

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July 5, 2018
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2018 Dustball Grand Tour – TX/LA Nov 15-17


The fourth of it’s kind in rapid succession, and by popular demand. Don’t miss the DGT-TX/LA, being held November 15-17 starting in San Antonio and traversing a beautiful fall route to Lake Charles via Lake Livingston. A total of three nights are required but not covered by your entry fee. Pre-negotiated room blocks are setup for convenience. Group stops to take in the culture and visit with one another during this exploration of Eastern Texas.

Dates: November 15-17

Cost: $195/car

Includes: Fully bound itinerary and route guide for navigator, tiered gift for driver.

Contact to enter: dustballrally@gmail.com – Be sure to specify Tier rank. (Tier 1 – First DGT, Tier 2 – Second DGT, etc.)


  1. Thomas E Bader says:

    Explain the DGT Teir 1 and the DGT Teir 2 groups. I have done the rally with my son, but would like to do one with the wife ,but at a slow pace. This may help choosing which car I drive,

    • dustballrallyadmin says:

      The Tier refers to the number of Dustball Grand Tours you have completed. A newcomer is Tier 1, whereas if you have completed one, then you are now a Tier 2, and so on.

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